Motion Design & Animation


Direct yet conceptual. Provocative and engaging. Motion Design & Animation like never before.


George Eleftheroglou is a design-driven, freelance motion graphics designer, animator and director based in Thessaloniki-Greece; who specialises in creating motion graphics and animation for advertising, broadcast, and web.

Studied in Thessaloniki-Greece, graduated from Paster Institute in 2000 and the speciality was an expert of applications and information technology for multimedia arts and graphics design. First job was in MLS S.A. in 2002 where spent his time developing the skills to become a multimedia developer/designer and makes several multimedia applications, video composites, animations and 2D/3D models.

Since then has been reading books on art, motion design and directing, learning/teaching software for animation 2D/3D, watching and participating in several forums for motion graphics, working (concept/design graphics and creating them for tv advertisements, editing, 3D modelling etc.) in the hard world of media and in the space of small screen.

In his free time like to draw, travel, read books, listen to music and spend time with friends out and about in the city.

Software Specialties: Adobe After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop and Cinema4D.