We were invited to create the teaser for the European Design Awards 2015. Mainly inspired from the black and white colours of the updated logo,we decided to create a poetic and lyric storytelling moving image.A visual represantion of the magical journey that each creative person is following to make any idea happen.The Light...The Darkness..The Artist.

Official Website: europeandesign.org
Director/Art Director: Tony Zagoraios
Motion Designer: Tony Zagoraios
3D Supervisor: Costas Fatsis
3D Modelling/Lighting/Texturing: Stavros Karagiannis,Orestis Aleksiewicz,Angelos Roditakis
Character Rigging/Modelling: Angelos Roditakis
FX Artist: George Papaioanou
Compositor: Rousselos Aravantinos
Graphic Design : Till Noon
Additional 2D Animation: Giorgos Eleftheroglou
Music Composer: Ted Regklis

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